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Custom Machines

Designed for your process

Silverstone Automation conceives, designs, and manufactures custom equipment tailored to your application. Customers with unique products and specialized processes come to Silverstone for automation solutions.

Silverstone connects with customers early on, starting with the R&D bench-top machines and transitioning through to the automated production lines. We target the level of automation that suits our customers’ needs. Silverstone delivers turn-key equipment to meet customer goals of reduced manufacturing costs, improved product quality, and operator safety.

Silverstone’s foundational expertise is in the medical industry. We also serve the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and consumer products industries.

One-off machines often present new process challenges and Silverstone is continually adding new process experiences to its long list of accomplishments. Silverstone has historical experience in: adhesive bonding, curing, lubricating, dipping, leak testing, vision inspection, vision-guided pick and place, RF induction heating, catheter assembly, cannula assembly, electronics testing, sealing, robotics, power and free conveyors, and inkjet printing.

Silverstone’s machines meet relevant Category 3 safety requirements and NFPA 79 standards.